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I really like the video, it will work well with pro shops as well.
How ever in an ideal situation all that would work. But in most it will not.

Our local field which is owned by the same company I work for has to do things different.

I read some where that out houses are preferred over the porta-potty kind. Here is why my field does not do it that way. The out house kind will fill up and it always smells no matter what you do it it. We put more chemicals in there than I wanted. So the porta-potty kind work better for us because they come and clean it and empty it every week. They also refill and clean the hand wash station every week. Pluse we have baby wipes all over the place for customers to us. I have been to some fields which do not clean their porta-potty's which is the fault of the field.
Our field is on Native land so we are very limited to what we can do to it. We have no power to the field but use generators for lights and Visa Machines. Yes we use cargo containers for buildings to help secure our stuff, but they are not run down. We have 1 ref per group of people playing that takes them around to the different fields. We like to use younger kids 16 - 18 because they are up beat and usually don't go out partying the night before they have to work. Our paint prices reflect on different coupons, and membership. They run from at little as $50.00 a case to $70.00 a case. We are a Canadian company and field and are the busiest field in our area. To me there is NO reason to let your field get rundown. To me that is just being lazy. If you want the business you are going to have to work for it plan and simple. I run our pro shop the same way treat your customers right and they will treat your business right.

That is my 2 cents worth on this subject.
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