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Upon further reflection and with the aid of hindsight I realize I do indeed owe you an apology UV Halo.

It should have been apparent to me from your defensive reaction about the accuracy of your calculations. I have a hard time with details sometimes.

I told you good work and complimented you on the math because IT IS CORRECT.

When I said I would improve your ability from 'fairly',
I was not suggesting changing your EQUATIONS to be more accurate to the paintgun.
I was suggesting changing your PAINTGUN to be more accurate to the equations.

That is all.
Just a trick that makes a paintgun more consistent.
How much it helps is moot, it helps enough to be worth the trouble to me. Helps enough that I bothered you about it. In the days when paintguns had fixed barrels flexhones were common, any airsmith who worked in the sheridan/splatmaster/nelspot era will tell you that flexhones help.

As to my theories about why it helps, anyone is welcome to ignore them.

I apologize for both not being clear myself and for not getting where you were coming from.

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