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Just put the long 88 on my TigerP, all I have left to upgrade is the turrent then the grind to the next tank, not sure which one yet. Have to say even with my Tiger or KV3 I always seem to be outgunned and armored, usually middle of the pack for my tank. Still playing my master rank T-28 with crew working on their 3rd skill. Always have fun with it even when I'm in the bottom ranks, still can manage 3-5 kills a game with my paper armored med scout with a big bite.
I like when the new lines come out since you join a match with a new tank and it's all tier 1 or 2's. Somehow got a master rank with my Brit Cruiser MK.IV and have over a dozen kills with ramming with it and almost mastered the 40mm bofors double shot cannon.
This is the only MMO game I have sunk any real money into, around $26 or so plus the $10 for the issue of Armchair General which got me gold, a premium tank and a week of premium. I do like the fact that they changed the free experience system but I honestly can't argue paying a few bucks a month to play this for a premium. I play often enough and didn't pay $50 just for the game alone so I feel it's not a bad trade.
Would like to platoon with some other players and be able to work together for once as opposed to the fail team I see way to often.
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