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Vintage acoustic guitars!

Hey guys, not sure of the market here on MCB for some vintage type acoustic guitars, but I thought it wouldnt hurt to try and see if I could get some interest. I have 2 Vintage parlour sized guitar

1950's era Flash Guitar

Not able to find any history about this guitar, but I think it was a department store brand back from back in the day, this said I assume its made in the U.S.A given its age ( has a wooden nut instead of plastic ) and am unable to find another guitar like it to compare to, so and not asking alot for it, Fun to play but its not made to be a Gibson or Taylor, just something funky and out of the ordinary to own and jam on. Definitely playable and the lighting bolt stain across it just add's to it's unusual character

Asking $200 plus shipping OBO or something weird/interesting for barter

1960's era Montano guitar

I am unable to find any history on this brand of Guitar as well except for the label inside the sound hole, It's Japanese, it's from the 60's and can be a daily playable guitar. But I assume its department store brand/aria/silvertone type of background in some way, This isn't a gibson or taylor quality just something cheap and unusual to have some fun playing ( the vertical tiger stripe lines make it stand out, why they don't do this anymore I don't know but I think it looks cool )

Asking $200 bucks plus shipping OBO or something weird/interesting for barter

Cash is king but then who has money these days and one to many toys there also looking to trade

Ill sell both of them together for $300 plus shipping

Trade Interest
-Paintball stuff, Im open to whatever, Empire axe or Automag would be neat but hit me with whatever
-Other classic vintage acoustic or electric guitars, a dobro Guitar would make my day though
-Something weird and unusual

Im very easy going and anyone with interest lets see what we can do, I do live in Canada but we can work on shipping rates and pricing. Also if anyone has any knowledge about these brands of guitars, I would love to hear about it, Ive owned alot of guitars but nothing like these before
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