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i swear that was not my intention.

thanks for the advice. im no expert with the phantom, but i do know how to assemble it, i didnt here because it was missing the feedneck and pump handle and i did reinstall the air fittings with teflon.
Try swapping the valve o ring as well as the cup seal (unscrew the little brass knob at the end of the power tube, it'll be right there. Again, refer to the manual). Be sure to put a very small drop of oil on the seal as well as the o ring.

It's impossible for it to leak out of the 2 holes in the top, unless you actually took a drill to them. If you know that you put the air lines in correctly and those aren't leaking, then one of those seals are your issue. Both of those seals, combined, would be no more than $4 shipped directly from CCI. The time it takes to do this entire process is 10 minutes, and that's if you really have no idea how to take the valve apart.
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Now that's something worth fundraising for, an MCB zombie defense fort. With indoor fields. And blackjack. And hookers.
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