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CHEAP Infamous Intimidator

Hi everyone, I need cash for practice and these two guns will never see any action over my Ego11 and Etha. So I figured I might as well sell them.

I prefer USPS MO's as I don't have a paypal, but paypal can be arranged through my teammate and respected member here, funsi00. Canadians, it will be a bit more but I have no problem shipping to Canada.

First up is the Infamous timmy. Not much to say here, bought it off a kid who barely used it. There is a slight leak coming from what I think is the front of the ramsleeve. It's a small enough leak that my deaf-*** ears can't actually hear it. I don't have the time to tech a gun I don't use so I am selling it as-is. It will come as you see it, without a barrel and with the CP on/off asa.

$200 shipped

I'm not really looking for trades but anything pink I'll probably look at, or good looking karnivors (stock parts, e2/zerob and barrel kit). For pink high-ends I can offer an Etha as well.

Thanks for looking!
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