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You can play "fox and hound" with your friends. Four hunting for one. You shoot at one, run back. If they are following, stop at cover and shoot back. If not, loop and flank. The best is when you stake out a place that has cover and concealment, plus an exit, two or three times over. You shoot, bump, shoot. Dragging people around the woods can be very entertaining. Shoot early at first to try to channel them together.

If you are with the hunters, don't bunch up. Stay within earshot if not within sight of each other. When you get used to playing with your buddies, you'll have an idea of where they will be going, and you can play separated.

Good camo is just broken up colors that mostly match the environment (don't fret over the fashion). Motion will give you away regardless; move slow from cover to cover, shadows included. Sunlight makes your movement obvious and provides reflections on lots of stuff; a little shade cuts that down. You can see camo moving through brush, but it's hard to see it stationary in the brush. Always walk and listen like you are stalking. Keep your marker level so that the loader doesn't rattle as you line up a nice shot.
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