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i play woods ball a lot so here are some of my strategies.

1) communicate and organize your team; before the game starts ask "who is going where? and how far?" - this prevents 6 people ending up in one bunker and interfering with each other.

2) MOVE A LOT, the more time you spend in one place, the more time you give your opponents time to flank you/surround you/bunker you

3)learn to shoot with both hands, popping out the right side of your bunker every time gives your opponents the chance to post up on you and take you out.

4) i stay away from 3 or 4 walled bunkers, i find that they limit my vision too much and it becomes easy for the enemy to surround it and bunker you. Look for pits, walls, sometimes mesh, thick trees... etc

5)Dark colours help if your the kind of guy who likes to sit in bushes but otherwise its not much use.

6)If you plan on playing woods-ball a lot you should think about investing in at least good knee pads and elbow pads. taking a knee into a sharp rock will ruin your month.

7) try to be invisible if they don't know where you are then you will have a huge advantage and be able to post up on them. for example sit behind a wall take a few shots, as they go into their bunker move to a new spot. If they did not see you they will still think you are where you used to be giving you a chance to line up a good shot
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