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4th picture shows it. I talked to them about it yesterday.

"After a fun night with my best friend's sister (sorry Jay) I came up with "The Joy Ride." The second Stock Class Pack from Paintball Mafia. A sexy looking, lightweight pack that is perfect when you want to go out and just have some fun. The Joy Ride holds up to 15 tubes and 4, twelve-gram cartridgesso it is perfect for smaller players or days when you don't need to shoot so much paint. Tubes can be carried cap less or with the caps on. Of course the Joy Ride is built with the same quality as all Paintball Mafia gear with double and triple stitching through out and only the highest grade of material. Just remember, like the neighborhood bike once you get this pack everybody will want a ride. With the pack laid out flat the belt piece is 45" long. If you need a longer one, just let us know and we'll make it for free."

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