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From the field above wall 2 (where purple circle was) all the way up the hill to where firebase voodoo was is all gone. Its now a access road going all the way up with a fence boundary. Thats where the EMR property and well property split. What blows is we dont get compensation to rebuild the firebase. Assuming that Blue has sealed a deal on that property and has all rights to it, then Id imagine in next few years it may either go up for sale or close down (just speculation and depending on amount of money made) My parents only make like 800-1000 a month on one well with 10 acres. Then 40% to taxes >.<

So id imagine the cost on signing was probably for 20-30ish acres (rough estimate judging by whats sectioned off) so lets say 30 acres, and it end up being a gas producing well (alot of them either dont produce, or they leave as storage wells which means no money) And at current market value of the gas, he would be looking at about 3000 a month off it Thats also if its just 1 leg and 1 well.
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