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Originally Posted by P0E View Post
Is it different for different sake, or does it have quantifiable improvements?
Back from 2006 to 2009 I spent a lot of time talking to Josh (the lead on this) and he gave me the rundown as he was getting his patent through the office. That horrific "old body style" is partly my fault, too- it's what happens when you use too slow a computer for your modeling software.

That said, the gun is efficient- not 2600/tank efficient, but 1800/tank pretty easily. That's good enough for me. The gun is smooth and quiet. The gun is easy to maintain. Best of all, though, he tested it on a cold, rainy day in the Pac NW and it didn't jam. That's worth something, right there.

A gun that won't jam is worth more to me than ... well, anything else. As an engineer, the simplicity of the firing train means stuff just won't go wrong. If you thought Automags were durable, this gun should be similar or better.

Also, the regulator is a fantastic little design. It's like an Evolve Pi became an on/off. I think we should convince him to make some that have an output fitting, like all our old-fashioned guns use, and sell them. Imagine buying one for, oh, $90, instead of $50 for an ASA and $110 for a comparable reg.

Keep an eye on this company. I'd be surprised if they sold anything pointless.
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