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I hardly ever see anybody playing with LMG's so I thought I would.

If anybody wants to try this out, I've been going crazy with it. It shoots so smooth with this setup that I love it.

I hardly ever see anybody playing with LMG's so I thought I would. Perk one is up to you depending on what game type you are playing. I play alot of FFA so I normally run Hardline to rack up score streaks quicker plus it seems that Lightweight has adverse effects while using the LMG. So either Hardline or Flakjacket. I normally never use Toughness either but for the LMG it really seems to help, and then dexterity.


- Primary Gunfighter
-Red dot
-Quickdraw Handle or Rapid Fire (smaller maps)

-Add in your favorite lethal and tactical equipment. I like to use a shock charge and betty and lay those down to give me early warning at entrance points if I'm controlling an area and moving back and forth.

The grip doesn't seem to do anything on this gun and the suppressor is key to having it shoot smoother. This gun reloads faster too when it's dry but normally it's not a good idea to run dry.
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