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I agree, balz n' saint, the red dot works great without messing with it, unlike other markers like the A-5 which need something to account for mask clearance.

Only if you use a riser would you have to tilt the marker in order to make an offset work. If you want to use an offset with a regular red-dot, you're good. Like he said earlier, you just aim higher or lower to compensate. However, I don't really see a reason to use an offset at all for a red dot (maybe for a longer scope?), since the marker is well designed and gives you plenty of room before the hopper, and the stock is low enough to permit beautiful mask clearance. Unless of course, when you shoulder the marker, you naturally look down the left or right side of the marker, in which case an offset might be used just to put the sight where you look. I ran a 45 offset on my A5 forever and now its weird being able to properly sight down the marker. Hooray for a good design.

Just played with it today in fact, using a red-dot mounted directly on the rails. No frills, no offset, nothing crazy. And it worked beautifully. Plenty of mask clearance, great line of sight under the hopper.

BTW, I'm sorry if we got too defensive of our mods. Not the intention.
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