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I appologize for missing that part. I think it has to be case by case, and of course the refs have the final call. Back when I was living and playing scenario games in Memphis, TN, I would drop my primary load, vest and all, so I could make a flag pull with just my pistol. It would look stupid as I madly charge the overwhelming odds for the flag. Most of the time I got lit by the ENTIRE opposing team, but sometimes I got lucky. I would limp back to where I dropped my gear. I suspect that the refs and both sides were laughing too hard at the ballsy (STUPID) move to really call it bad and surprising. Either I got lucky and nobody shot my gear or, like I said the refs thought it was too funny to call hits on the gear I dropped, to call me out from that and just counted the streams of paint headed in my general direction.

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As opening post states I was just thinking about this havnt done it yet
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