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Originally Posted by Tilx View Post
and i like how my 18-wheeler shoots! (though i get about 850 off my 71/45, turbo sport with delrin bolt and "The Evil Part")

in all seriousness, seeing a comparison made me think again about the old brick, and a redesign for it (apply my first pic, much easier to deal with in the shoebox, i think. you'd still have to rebuild the back end, though)

back on topic, i'll just sit here in anticipation for the price to be announced.
on a side note, I have a shoebox shocker sitting around (4x4) in REALLY nice condition (original owner said he shot about a case total through it, I am the second owner) but I have been looking to get rid of it, any idea what these go for these days (I did do a 9v mod on it to get it up and running again everything else is completely stock and I have the original box, that has some ware on it though)

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