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Why I play pump... Many reasons. I'll give one though.

I played MXL, RXL and all that good stuff for years now. But in woods I love pump to improve my game.

I have a Phantom Stock Class, with a sweet harness, (forget name :[)

Now when im in the woods, I try to improve angles, how to play alone, sounds to listen to, everything and anything to help me.

Main thing I try to improve is positioning against bunkers.
I've had so many 1v1 fights in the woods, or 2v1, 3v1, and I may loose a lot of the time but I always hear people talking about me or my friends tell me how much they hate me. My friends hate me because I can play any bunker or anyway and play really tight in it. This helps me with my phantom due to only having 10 rounds to fire. I gotta make them count especially in 1 situation like that.

The better I can stay in my bunker will determine how good I can reload without being hit in elbows or little pieces of me sticking out while reloading air or rounds.

I play pump to improve my game, not to give kids a chance. I can still snipe, just wanna be better player in general.
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