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Stop! Hammer time (CAD inside)

Doing some CAD drawings of the H7. Should come in handy for modifications/testing things out first. I'm currently using a tape measure to do dimensions, I'll have to find my 6" calipers, and I have an 8" caliper on the way from Amazon as well. I'll go back through whatever I get done before it comes and make sure dimensions are spot on.

I'll update this post with pictures and possibly files as they get done. I'm using Autodesk Inventor since my Solidworks license ran out.

Total time spent (Running total): 16.5 hours

Day 1 (2/4/2013)
Worked on body - 2 hours
Worked on Feedneck cover - .5 hr
End of day picture:

Day 2 (2/5)
Hammer assy (sear, sear pin, spring), bolt, and main spring completed - 2 hours
Lunch picture:

Drive train completed-4 hours

Upper body assembly is complete. I don't believe that anything is missing. Took the liberty of making the twist markings white so they're more visible - .5 hours

Day 3:
Magazine Completed - 4 hours

Day 4:
Pump arm completed - 2 hours
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