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T8/9 Barrel Testing Suggestions/Comparisons

So I am slowly building a collection of T8 barrels and am planning on spending a day testing them against each other to find the best barrel to use as a general use barrel as well as see if one has strengths in terms of efficiency or accuracy or what have you.

So for those who test barrels I would to hear about how you do so. What suggestions for tests you have, any suggestions would be helpful.

I already plan on doing it with the same marker for everything, that's a given. Also, the same paint. Not sure what I'm doing about air yet though. If I can get my hands on a chrony I will record the speed of every shot.

The barrels that I am planning on testing/comparing that I already have are:
Stock Barrel
Flex Honed Stock Barrel
Endgame Barrel (paid for, in the mail)
Stiffi Barrel (paid for, in the mail)
TyMcneer Brass Barrel
TyMcneer Freak'd Brass Barrel

I am also considering the following barrels:
Lapco .686 Barrel
Lapco .690 Barrel
Flasc Barrel
Milsig Rifled Barrel

And if I can track them down I am going to include:
Lapco UMS Barrel
Hammerhead Rifled Barrel
SSC Freak'd Barrel

Any ideas for tests would be greatly appreciated as I would like to do all of the tests in one shot, rather than doing one at a time.

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