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Originally Posted by Kearns View Post
I was on the adventure beach website and it looks like they are having an airsoft event there.

I was thinking of going to ball busters, but I haven't heard anything, good or bad, about it.
When I play it is normally at ballbusters. I started going there after triggertyme changed owners.

Ballbusters has one speedball and about 5 normally played woodsball. One of the woodsball fields has lots of holes, but the others are good. The field fps limiy is 270-285 (depends on if the group is all renters or walk-ons). Overall they are not the best I've been to, but the staff is great and I always have a good time whether I go by myself or with a friend.

Field fee is $15 (includes all day air - hpa)
Standard case is $50
Better case is $65
The last time I was there the paint they sell is GI Sportz (something like that)
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