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Hey guys...folks are buying tickets now which is great! If you need assistance or have ticket related questions please PM me. It also seems that as long as you are NOT using the mobile (or cell phone/tablet) based version of paypal that you can adjust the amount to your particular option desired. Later today I'm going to start posting the list of folks that have prepaid. Then perhaps an update to that list each day. Hopefully then we can start moving this thread along to the other more fun aspects of planning our day. I'd like to start discussing game details and scenarios as well as awarding trophies etc.

Sooooooo....get those tickets in! The other reason for wanting folks to buy tickets in advance is to reduce the number of people that say they will come and then decide not to after we have made reservations and scheduled things like photographers and determining how many paint grenades to bring etc. So you're really helping us all out by doing this and most of the larger events do require advance sales or for the day of they jack up the prices. I don't really want to do that. We just want folks to come out and have a great day and enjoy the sport we love. At the same time we feel that this particular event (and the response to it thus far) has definitely hit on something that a LOT of folks seems to want so we need your help to make this a success so we can do more of these and with greater frequency!

I want to thank Henchman and Streaker and GMAN again for all their support with this so far in helping to ensure the success of this event!
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