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Originally Posted by Bored383 View Post
how would you control velocity beyond just pressure?
Just pressure, it's fairly sensitive. That's why my "fill station" is an ergo reg with a little gauge on it. You fill the chamber at the set pressure and it's ready. If you were going to wander around with it, it needs a safety.

Thanks for the offer skibbo, but I'm looking for something I can use at home that will last more than a couple years without forcing me to change. I get tired of new interfaces, especially when they just get re-arranged. I deal with lots of interfaces and I don't have a lot of memory space left. I have Inventor Fusion on my work laptop, but I think it needs my work network to function. I'll give it another poke.

I'll try to get a "shooting vid" together. My neighbor was working the the back corner of his yard the other day, right behind where I like to put my test shots.
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