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I think it was a brilliant move... We have a specific rule at our field, that if you pick something up, it is part of you, so if you use a branch to block shots, and the branch gets hit you are out.

Conversely if you put down an item, and the other guy "thinks" it is you, that is fair game! And since you aren't actively holding it, it is part of the field...

Course, we also play dead men are part of the field too... So you can use them as shields, or hide behind them... Which leads to some amusing situations! As dead men can't talk, BUT, they can pay attention and HIT THE DIRT if someone is using them as a shield!!!

One of my favorite tricks is to turn off my remote coil when I am in a firefight, and when my marker "burrps" and the other guy rushes me... Turn it back on! hahaha!
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