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Originally Posted by Toad View Post
What about WGP because they are so old they started with so many more kills before others existed?
-Tippmann predates every name on that list, often by decades. As I recall, the original SL-68 came out in '86, which I think predates even the Sniper (or at least, the mass-produced Snipers anyway.)

It's possible Brass Eagle came out a little earlier than Tippmann, but I'm not sure- even if they did, though, Tippy had a clear edge in production even back then.

AGD didn't start making a gun until '90, Kingman until '95 and Smart Parts 'til '96. DYE didn't start making a marker 'til... what, the Matrix in '00 or '01? PE didn't start making a full marker 'til something like '02 or '03, and by that time, there were well over half a million Tippmanns out there.

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