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Sonny has been telling me to invite you guys and im sure bringing a friend is fine as long as your friends play with the same honor our mcb groups normally do. Who wants to drive an hour or two to SC all alone?

He is hoping for 60 which would surprise me if we got that many but we'll see.

I tried to get him to post in this thread but I think he's avoiding it. He did say worst comes to worst we might not be able to get the discount he thought.

Regardless I am excited because it's going to be all pump and I don't think I have done all pump at SC before.

When I played with these guys (this group) at Hollywood Sports park it was a lot of fun and I don't think that will be any different this time even though our group is larger.

Edit, Sonny hasn't commented because his internet in his new place isn't working yet so he can only go facebook.

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