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$10 for each delrin bolt
sold green bolt sold
sold yellow 2k bolt sold
$5 for the metal bolt
sold $10 for each black delrin pull pin both sold
$6 for each of the white of blue delrin pull pin
$3 for each metal pull pin

$20 for each 2k pump kit, just include the pump handle and guide
sold middle kit sold

$20 for each ccm pump handle
sold top handle sold
$15 for the guide plate

$3 for each sear, trigger, trigger sear or safety
sold right raw swing trigger sold

sold $5 for each bare swing frame sold
sold $30 for slider sold

sold $30 for mp4 ram, big scratch on it sold
sold $20 for lpr sold
$1 each for each of the 2 bottom lpr, mainly buying for the body

$20 for the chrome freeflow bullet 3 way
$10 for each other complete 3 way in the left pic
sold top ans 3way sold
$3 for each broken/damaged 3way in the right pic.
sold right chrome 3 way
sold brass 3 way sold

sold $10 for the complete 3 way sold
$3 for each 3 way no internals

$10 for each red detent in the left pic
3 red detent sold, only one red detent left
$15 for each detent in the right pic

$8 for each timing rod
sold $8 for each of the top 2 cocking rod both sold
$10 for the bottom cocking rod
$15 for each tungsten hammer
sold left hammer sold

$10 for each valve
sold silver and gold valves all sold
$10 for each ivg
$.50 for each valve set screw

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