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I squished some leather for washers the other day... and haven't had a chance to glue up the leather and cherry knife. Been spending my free time working on my new house and getting my current house ready to sell.

I've also been trying to decide what wood to get for my knife. Still need to order up the bolsters and pins and some tooling for that (taper drill for when I rivet the pins). I also picked out the blade for my wife's knife so i want to order that along with the tooling and parts for it... and trying to determine what wood for that too. Both will have hand made leather sheaths. But I don't see completing mine this year. I hope to get hers done for Christmas.

I still want to take some orders soon, but don't want to commit to anything until I get moved to the new house in April as I'll need to pack up the shop and keep things clean at the current house within the next couple of weeks If you see any pictures of things they will probably be in the glued up state, but without shaping.

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