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re-thread a barrel (sort of)

If anyone if familiar with ATS guns they know they use a uni-sizer on the barrel. I have a lapco barrel with ats threads that i want made to accept a uni-sizer.

i am unfamiliar with how to do this but i know there are a few options.

Option 1:

.760 is the diameter of the thread and 56 is the number of threads per inch. Be aware that they are very fine threads. you will need to have .740" removed from the Lapco barrel in order to have the major threads work and still screw into the gun.

option 2:

Turn the end of the barrel down to .743 for at least .135. This allows you to press the uni-sizer into place and the barrel keeps it there by pressing it against the sleeve assembly. The end of the barrel would need to be shortened so the distance between the major threads and the point of contact with the uni-sizer allows for the total distance between the major threads and the contact point of what would be the end of the barrel to remain the same. So basically you would be cutting off the length that the uni-sizer is adding to the overall length. Then you would have the outside diameter decreased for a short portion, the length of the minor - tiny - threaded distance inside the uni-sizer. Then instead of cutting threads on the end of the barrel you have a diameter that is almost the same as the high points on the uni-sizer threads. This way you don't actually thread the sizer on, you push it on and it stays there with friction.

If anyone thinks they can tackle this please let me know so we can work out details.

If anyone has any good ideas how to get what im looking for please let me know.


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