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Originally Posted by alpha434 View Post
Yeah... Claims of facial 'damage' are speculative and unsubstantiated.

Anything that comes through, comes through totally liquified.
Not really.. again, those who commented about "damage" have seen first hand the damage the gelatin shards of a broken paintball can cause..

I ive been playing since I was about 17..(35 now) and reffed two year,coming in contact with too many players to even hazard a guess..

paintball shells do,can and will cause damage.. you have been lucky thus far if you havent experienced it yet yourself..

just becuase it hasnt happend yet doesnt mean it cant/wont..

just saying.

And with that said.. its not like were saying it happens every time/all the time or even a majority of the time..

but with this type of mask you add to the posabillity of it happening more often..
not a risk id be willing to take but thats just me..
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