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Originally Posted by GoatBoy View Post
I'm curious -- why was it not comfortable to use?
I actually meant to answer this earlier.

"Uncomfortable" as in bending my neck down and fitting my goggles in behind the sight with a rear bottle setup. Especially with low, body cut sight rails like on an alley cat. I had to go looking for the sight.

However, with my pump/pistol setup, the marker goes in front of me naturally, whether I am looking for the sight or not. I may change my pump grip as my stance changes, but I can keep the marker in front of me. After a few shots, the sight is usually on line, and then I can figure out why my first shots didn't pan out. It keeps me from hitting the same twig three times in a row. If I get the time, I'll check the sight in the first place and go around the twigs.

Having the right riser and marker setup to make it convenient goes a long way to making a sight useful.

Another use for a sight (if I haven't put it in here already), is shooting off handed (left/right), especially in a pump shootout. You line up your grip first before you pop out. I can aim and shoot with my left hand, but it is not too hot on the snapshot, especially with my right hand pumping in between.
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