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Getting back into the Game.... with a big game season

Well, it has been close to a year since I have been on a paintball field. It looks as if i am nearing the end of my physical therapy regimen for my shoulder(s) and I am now planning my entry back into the game. I start school in the fall and until that time comes I have time to vacation and enjoy myself before life slaps me in the face again.

I wanted to ask, for all of the people who frequent big games,and scenerio events, what would be the "big game(s)" to attend this year? price and distance from my location are not an issue, I want to make a big trip to a big event as a gift to myself before I start school this fall.

I have seen spe, castle conquest, and a few other ones but have never attended any of them, I really want the go play all awesome games with awesome people all day/ potluck/ camping/ drink brews at night/ type of event and am wondering what would give me the most bang for my buck.

Also, I will probably be making this trip alone, maybe with 1 other person so I am hoping to meet up with some friendly people to share the trip with if anyone is interested. I am in cali and am more than willing to help out with gas.

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