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I can understand that. Played at RC a couple of times...not a bad field...a little small but still enjoyable....Last time I went though, I had problems....had a brand new 3.5oz CO2 and a new 13CI tank...they overfilled the CO2 so it blew the burst disk...did not get to play with the new tank on my pump. And they dropped my 13 and it bent the lip so it would not seal. Sadly I did not have proof....but someone said they saw it drop. But again...I did not get to play with the new I figure next time I will just go with rental fleet...more younger players there anyways so it will be fun

We are looking to hit up Old River next month...I will post something in the SE section, and try to remember to PM you, when we firm up the date to go. Always look for more folks to show up
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