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My resolution for the past few years has simply been to play more, and to ease up on the gun whoring. Neither of which are easy. I am planning on going this sunday if this snowstorm doesn't wreck my neighborhood, which will make it the second time this year.

I think I went maybe six or seven times last year. I'd like to double that if I can, and EMR is definitely on the list this year as well. Some games at OXCC coming up that I'd like to hit too.

The whoring...that's a little tougher lol! I sold a lot of stuff off to help fund my car down payment, but I definitely picked up some stuff recently that set me back a bit. I have 9 guns in my current possession. Two of which are for sale, and there's 3 on the way/being built. I really want to keep it to ten or less, but that's much easier said than done. I'll never be a one-gun guy as I like to change things up (and I'm really awful at stock class) but I am definitely better off than I was a year ago.
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