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Originally Posted by FMPlayer View Post
I seen some nice wood pump handles in the pic thread. Were these all custom made? If so, is it a pretty easy mod to a standard shotgun pump or not? Also, if it's very much trouble, Would you be up for making one Dukie?
they were all custom made. Wasn't me.

While I probably could make wooden pump handles in my shop it probably wouldn't be a good idea. I work with metal. there is oil everywhere. oil (even in tiny amounts) and wood don't mix. At least not if you want to be able to stain or finish the wood.

I could have them made if you want. It will be expensive.

Originally Posted by Freestyler101 View Post
Wake up Dukie!

I needs me a marker.
dude its sunday. i don't get up to at least 10!

Since you haven't repsonded to my PM I would assume you had to go back to bed for a nap?
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