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Who has the best customer service/warranties? (Electros)

So after years of being a tinkerer, a pump player and someone who preferred to waste money on parts rather than paint, I'm looking at the electro market. I play enough games these days that seem to beg for a little extra firepower and quite frankly, I'd like to hurt feelings once in a while.

But I don't know anything about the electro market or the reputation of current manufacturers. So I'm asking those out there who are out of the shallow end of the pool and into the deep end to give me some advice.

Who has the best reputation? Who makes the most reliable markers with the best warranties and the best service?

Because no doubt I'll be going with something built from 2005 to now. I want to be able to get parts. I want someone to give me good service on the phone. And to have a tech at big games and tourneys.

What say you all?
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