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Axe + Allstar woes

Last weekend I played with my Empire Axe LE PDD and bought a half case of yellow Allstar at the field. It was amazingly accurate and I had ZERO problems of any kind. Today I played at a different field that is not FPO, so I bought a case of orange Allstar from another store to bring.

The first half of my hopper for the first game was yellow leftovers on bottom, orange on top. As soon as the first orange ball loaded I got nothing but breaks. I squeegeed, changed Freak inserts and barrel tips between games, but couldn't make it thru 3 rounds without a break. All breaks were in the barrel....none broke in the chamber of the gun. question is: did I just get a bad batch (with the orange) or is there something with my gun I should tend to? Someone at the field suggested a Tbolt, but I don't know if its worth the upgrade or if I should just avoid that paint.

Any help is appreciated. I've recently returned to the game and the tech is way diff than my younger days but as far as I know my gun should be capable of shooting tournament grade paint right?
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