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Originally Posted by Justus View Post
Couldn't be made in 2006 when Doc says he bought it in the Winter of 1995.
-And Equalizers haven't been made since... what, '98 or '99? They weren't very successful...

As a second data point on the serial, I have a couple of PGPs on the workbench right now; one's a late model, but pre-2001 unit, while the other is a post-2001. The kind with the slightly longer barrel, the "fiber optic" sights, and the plastic loading gate.

The pre-2001's serial number starts with "599" and has nine digits in total just like the above photo of the Equalizer. That tracks with at least the first three digits being a date, as this PGP could very easily be a '99 model year.

And good call on adding this kind of thing to Vintage Rex. That's exactly the kind of data that would fit in well with it's entries. (Which are generally, no offense to the ops, pretty dang sparse.)

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