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SPEW III April 6-7 2013

Ok folks the date is set for Spring Pump Event West.
It's going to be April 6th and 7th at our beloved Poso Creek Paintball in Bakersfield, Ca.

The weekend after Easter/HB NPPL and during Spring Break for a lot of folks.

As usual, there will be a discounted prepay price.
$30 Paypal'd to
$40 day of event.
Price includes 2 days field fee, all air, camping, and some firewood.
Friday arrivals are fine.
Bonfires will be allowed as long as the foilage stays green.
I'll make a trip just before to make sure.

I'm working on shirts and a paint supplier so let me know if you're interested.

Food will be bring your own.
I'll start a list of attendees and what everyone committs to bringing.
Potluck dinner for Saturday night.
Potluck breakfast for Sunday morning.

In the past we've gotten away from having some Stock Class games.
Let's do some of those.
Any air source as long as the feed is stock or stick and you reload with tubes.

We'll do a ton of town wars, woodsball games, spool battles, and airball.
Start spreading the word.
It's going to be another great event!

Prepaid Attendees / Bringing

Gilly + 5 Home baked goodies, Menudo
BigTrucker + 2 Eggs
Pakalolo Spam
Killin'Spree Potato Salad
Bow Brownies
Sean Chip
HurtCow Crack Dip
Sincera Baked potato fixings
TJIronman+1 Bacon Eggs Juice cups plates pans
Ratfink Nitro Guac bean dip ships eggs bacon
Rowe +2
Sniper42 Burgers Spam
Benji +2 Meat, bread, drinks, chips, Chili, silverware
Madness420+2 chicken, steak, eggs, goodies
Bacci Pancakes

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