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I had a productive weekend...

So I have a Tac One and I don't like hoppers and longbow mags cost a I decided I was going to try something.

Someone local was selling a Rap4 P68 pistol with a few mags so I asked him to part one.

This was my Idea.

It looked like it might fit so I started cutting!

A short time later I was done

And it fit! Quite nicely too!

This is what I see from the back.

Then I went to test it...and the macro fitting on the bike grip Blew!

After I changed my pants I experimented with a few different ways to route the air source...and finally I have half settled on what was originally my vision in the first place. I mounted a 3.5oz strait up to the VA...however the burst disk would not clear the trigger frame so I had to use an ASA extension. It works...but it is not exactly ideal, the extension I have is about an inch and a half long and makes the 3.5 hang a bit will do for now until I come up with a better solution.

Tested this out with Reballs...but they didn't want to feed very well. Hoping its just the Reballs...

Still to do:
-Drill a hole in the spring feed for a side feed port!
-Try not to sell the whole dam thing...
-Anno? (After a lot of other bills are paid)

And as a bonus...I discovered enough other spare parts to build a second mag!
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