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Less than a week away! Looking good! Will be posting the latest list of prepaid folks later today. Let me know if anyone needs assistance still with that. The response has been great and I spoke with Jamal the sales manager at Giant last week. He said that management had seen our flyers I'd been posting around local fields and shops and that they wanted to assure us that they will make sure our event goes smoothly! So nice to have their support at all levels. I've also spoken to a few of our vendor friends that will also either be there attending the event or will be there and stop by to check it out and lend their support. I also ran in to one of our members Saturday at Time 2 Paintball in Artesia and that was nice. BTW Tony at Time 2 Paintball has 50 rd pods and hoppers in two styles (the gen x and the app) in stock if you're looking for those. Not that you HAVE to have them but it may make your lifer easier. Thanks everyone!
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