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Originally Posted by tiny View Post
I got one of these for my girlfriend:

No problems at all with fogging, heat, or anything of the sort.
I have the Flex 8 Helmet.

I love it.

My buddy bought one, it pinched his nose, he gave it to me so I have a spare.

If you want ventilation and cooling get it. While its not as comfortable as the JT Flex 8 goggle its close.

Its actually the same exact frame - but the helmet makes the goggle a certain shape, whereas when you have the mask without the helmet the goggle conforms more to your face.

Having taking numerous hits to the helmet, and goggle - it rocks! The only down side in my book - its not made here. Then again, I don't think anyone is making masks here right now. (JT Assembled in Mexico) and Valken made in Canada.
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