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Having bought both the cheap sets at Harbor Freight and another set to replace it...I would recommend against the Harbor Freight set lol. It didn't take long to loose the edges on all of my allen keys from Harbor Freight...I bought 3 sets and they all ended up rounded off and stripping screws...I finally broke down and bought a set at OSH that I definitealy paid a bit more for but should have bought in the first place. Since then no issues. The metal on the set from osh is as good as the day I got it and have not rounded off at all and I haven't stripped out screws which is even better. Soooooo depending on how much you use them and how many guns you have I recommend spending a bit more and getting a better quality set that you only have to buy once. I do love Harbor Freight for LOTS of things but that wasn't the best buy I ever made there for sure. I got my oring pics there and those have been great! Just for example.

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you can get a full set of allen keys - SAE or metric - for under $5 at Harbor Freight... or just keep buying stuff and you'll probably end up with several sets...
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