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Originally Posted by Crimson Death View Post
Russc was getting about 50 shots on a cocker with a reg on a 12 gram. There's a HUGE thread about it somewheres.
I find my regged 12 gram cocker slightly sensitive to rate of fire. If I chug away (no autotrigger) I still get 30+ shots per 12g (~275fps). At slower rates, it runs around 35 to 40. I'm happy with consistent velocity and a little overlap with my 30 round pods. Mine is not accurately sprung. I re-used the trilogy hammer spring and a chunk of random spring for the valve. I think I could go with a longer, lighter valve spring and back out my IVG some more. I just don't have a kit to buy for that one.

Either way, I don't play enough 12g to keep track of tubes and cartridges at the same time.

35 shots at 300 fps will be getting "up there".
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