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Originally Posted by p8ntninja View Post
Use humans, only way to truly improve your skills is playing against other, more experienced players and taking the occasional butt kicking. I find having shots fired back at me, helps me more than anything.
I wish I could man. But I am the only paintballer within 65 miles of my location that plays anymore. TC paintball's northern field is closed till march, and grand rapids indoor field is a good 90 miles from my house. I try to go every weekend but that is about as much as I can budget right now until I get a raise again. I need to train more than just once a week. As for getting my significant other to play... he is more interested in filming paintball than playing it. Andy wont even let me buy him a gun to practice with me. He prefers filming and photographing people playing, but ah well.

I think so far I am just going to end up buying some drainage piping and pallets and making a half size hyperball/speedball field and then make some moving targets to put behind them. Its amazing how cheap you can find this stuff when you live in the middle of no where in north western Michgan. ;3
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