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WTB Long Barrel Sheridan Body

Must be compatible with K-Frame. Here is a thread I made hoping to inquire into how much it would cost to get a custom Sheridan body made specifically for my exact purposes. Read it and you'll get an idea what kind of body I want and what I'm going to use it for.

For general info, like I said, the Sheridan body must be able to accept a standard Sheridan style (not PPS style) K-Frame.

Seeking longest barrel possible. Ideally it would be 16" or better yet 18", but I'd probably be okay with 14" or 12." Hoping I can find something longer than 12", and I'd rather avoid getting a body with a barrel less than 11". I'd LOVE to have a body that, including a Raincover or extra long muzzle break, ends up having a barrel 21" or so long. Sweeeet, heavy brassy goodness - obviously badassedness is a key factor in the idea behind this build

Also must accept 12gs, obviously not looking for back bottle setups given I wouldn't be able to use my K-Frame in that case either. Ideally I would be able to use my Fassst Changer and the 12gs will be housed parallel to and under the barrel (like PGP/PG).

Prefer Center-Fire bolt/valve assembly design, although if for some strange reason I am offered a Rim-Fire design with an appropriately long barrel (i.e. must be significantly longer than PG/PGP/PGP2k barrel length, min about 12", although this is negotiable) it wouldn't by any means be a deal breaker.

As integrated sight rails on Sheridan based guns seem to be a rarity, I'll be either adding one myself or having PPS add one.

Desired Operation: Pump Action (not Bolt Action despite that this is for a "sniper rifle" type build).

Desired Feed: I will remove feed tube/neck and modify the body to accept FSR loaded by hand. Prefer feed port for hand loading FSRs to be located on the right handed shooter's driver's side of body.

Will be sending body/internals to PPS to get them cleaned up, replace all gaskets/orings/seals, performance tuned, wigits (sp?), barrel honed and ported, finish stripped down to raw brass and polished (left raw to patina).

Will be adding a Raincover, alternatively an oversized muzzle break.

Think that pretty much covers it. For my ideal body I'll pay approx $200, but most common used bodies won't get more than 50-75 out of me. Of course I'd be happy to pick up your entire Sheridan based gun, assuming the body fits the majority (or major categories; READ = Long Barrel & K-Frame Compatible) of my specs.

Of course, given the individualistic nature of my request here, ultimately the prices comes down to OBO. I am prepared to be very generous if you can produce something that fits most of my desires.

Mmmmm... Desire

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