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Donīt know how much a lunch costs around your parts, itīs bloody expensive here.
We always cook some extra the day before and eat that for lunch.

It saves about 2k a year per person, and itīs better than some lunchbar crap.
(of course depends on your ability to cook good food)

Planning your groceries gets you a real long way, always have a list so you donīt impulse buy anything at store.
We go twice a week and have planned out what we are going to prepare, and strictly buy what is needed to those meals.

Quitting smoking also saves about 2k a year.

Keep a short hair. Iīve been rocking a "skinhead look" for the past 15 years.
Saves a ton when you can just cut it yourself every now an then.
Of course need to have a suitable head to look good.
You're on an internet forum.
Every first post is a cry for attention.

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