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Originally Posted by crzypntbllr View Post
What are you getting at? It's called a teaser. Social networking, like forums are all about marketing products! If you were running a start up business, would you want your marketing to be expensive and ineffective? The internet is the fastest way to spread information to the greatest number of people, whether you use free services or not. Are saying that J4 who's motto is "tech not hype" is hyping their product just by telling us about it? If announcing new and interesting guns or businesses is not paintball news, what exactly is? Go hate some where else.
If you read my pervious post I wrote that I am mostly likely going to buy one of their markers. I like how they introduced it. I am not hating. I was just stating they have me hook, line, and sinker. Chill.

Originally Posted by brycelarson View Post
um, that's how you introduce a product now.

It's hilarious to see how the crusty ones around here come out whenever a company that isn't CCM or Palmers does something.
Call me crusty one more time! Ha ha ha. No seriously, you two are mad at me because I stated they have the marketing thing figured out. Ok? now you both get a " Woooooooooow!!!!!!" (Preset in my ios device) chill out. We all love paintball and everything about it.

J4, I wish you all the best. All your effort will just make the paintball world better.
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