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Here's a review I wrote if this helps:

Gen X Global Helmet:

Gen X Global | Paintball Products

I was at a recent Super Game in Oregon:


I knew I would need some head protection and decided to buy a Tony Hawk Skate helmet. Well after modifying it and making it fit,it still didn't feel comfortable. So I went out with just a bandana and ended up taking a head shot. Yea it hurt.

So the next day at the event I decided to check out Extreme Velocity venders booth to see if anything new had been placed out.

Extreme Velocity -- Cheap Paintball Guns, evil paintball, Paintball Masks, reloaders

Then I saw it,the GEN X GLOBAL helmet. It was very light weight and just the perfect color,OD Green. This is a Kevlar shaped helmet.

I tried it on with my DYE I3 and it was a perfect fit. The cost to me was just $14.00,but that could have been Event Day Special Price.
The problem I have always had with helmets, dealers couldnot tell me if they would fit with my Mask or not. That's the advantage of being at big events or your local shops selling them. Vendors are your best friends at Big Events.

This is a real nice set up. I was able to use my fan underneath it and even when I didn't use my fan,I didn't fog up for several hours. However I was using Fog Doc

Fogdoc - Your Prescription to Clarity - Antifog and Steam Removal

on my lenses,so that helped alot. I thought that the helmet provided enough air flow to keep me cool. I sweat alot,and I didn't notice an excessive sweating with the helmet on my head.

I did take a few shots on the head and I could hear them instead of feeling them,which made my day more enjoyable. I knew when I was hit in the head,because of the ECHO PING that I could hear. I got a paint check and a few times there weren't any breaks,but Ricochets off the helmet.

Personally I feel it's well worth the price for head protection. I've taken a few that have hurt and for those who are still shooting Monster Ball this might just be your best protection against the painful hit assocciated with the paint.

Head shots aren't nice and I would advise anyone to buy head protection. I finally got lucky finding what really fit and actually worked for me. Plus it gives you that great milsim look.

So just follow links I posted and give the fine folks at Extreme Velcoity a call.

I imagine if I put slits in the bill area I could get better ventilation for my fan system,but it works great for now as is.

Side view:

Rear view of who distributes the helmet,so I take it that GEN X GLOBAL does the distibution to dealers:

Adjustable webbing:

Single strap security:

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