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Originally Posted by minimag03 View Post
Some members have been playing for more than 20 years and have seen lots of guns come and go in that time. I guess they are just jaded by now. It's not like their thoughts are unfounded. The likelihood of this gun really taking off is small when it's going up against the industry giants like Kee, Bob Long, Dye, Plant Eclipse, and so on. We've seen it happen to lots of guns like the Rouge, ZR1, and others. I'd love to see it do well and to see more products from them; their philosophy seems to be spot-on. I just don't see it happening. So let them be negative and the rest of us will be positive.
so, in 20 years. National Paintball Supply(that is now Kee) had started. i'm close by Kee and it started in the back of a barber shop, to a store front, to a bigger store front to a million square feet warehouse and giant.

Dye started with clothes and barrels.

Bob was a player, who modded other people's guns.

Eclipse made there name just taking other people's guns, milling them up and putting crazy annos on them.

Zodiak was started from Chris Cole who made the FEP Quest, and now the ZR-1.

you have to start small in order to get big. i don't see anyone coming in with an idea and starting as big as the the top tier people right off the start.

so, you have to not be jaded when a company comes out with something new, pushing the industry, instead of being the same. kinda like Bruizer, or the tribals, or chinese cocker knock offs. you are talking to the man. i've known Josh(J4 paintball) through various forums and know that he doesn't lie, he doesn't exaggerate, and he knows more about paintball than most people. just because he doesn't hang out in the forums and talk about brass or wood or a pump; doesn't mean that he is blowing smoke up people's butts.

so, either help support, or get out of the thread. this gun might not be for you, but it doesn't mean that you are the market.
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