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Misc Mag Items

Trades: .682 A5 Threaded CP Backs Dust Black| Lapco Fuse Backs .683, .687, .691|Tippmann Crossover Techt Bolt|Not Looking to Add Cash

AM/MM Vert ASA (Has Some Scratches on it) $15
Draxxus Drop Back $15
Viewloader Non Air Thru Grip Olive $10
Bob Long Horn Drop (Direct Mount ASA Compatible)$10
(Roughly Done) Warp Left Emag Rail $20
Take it all for $50

Planet Eclipse Etha Shaft 4 Kit .689, .693 Bores $50 (Both Backs New) Sold
Empire Relay Sold
.689 CP Barrel Grey Autococker Thread Sold
Dye Airport Sold

1) All prices are OBO.
2) All purchases must be over $10
3) I will try to ship items within a business day but I have had the PO leave a package to be mailed on my doorstep for a day for an unexplained reason
4) On package deals I will try to do a discount system of 2 ~ $5 off, 3 ~ $10, 3 ~ $15 but sometimes I have too much money into a certain item
5) All packages I send have tracking numbers. If I forget to give it to you just ask. It may already be attached to your paypal payment as well.

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