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Russian Legion J4 in the SFT Shocker style, anyone?
Do-able, though we haven't setup the 'tube' for a cut out. Yet. We actually can have quite a bit of meat due to the way the gun is designed and ran. In addition short run bodies (50/100) are planned without a huge price increase.

As I read through the rest.... Hmm. Well, I think we posted a good return in the PBNation forum, so I will just wholesale and copy it here:

The big two parts this offers is the self-timing and some simplicity. It is mostly just a new layout that might be the merge some people want. Shoot, we think it is cool. And it does shoot nice! Hey, a nice shooting gun that might have the right feel for some people might be all this it; I do think we have put enough thought into that to make it rugged.

We will be the first to say it is not the perfect gun for everybody. That is a strawman, and we are not setting this gun up to be something like that. We are not saying this will be easier than an Ego to take care of, is should be about the same, short of the LPR. It is going to be fairly light. That is what people should expect.

And we are not a big company - we are starting up. This will not be the 10th version of the gun. This will be generation 1 for production. Unlike some though, we have had running prototypes for over 8 years. The patent was filed 7 years ago, awarded over 3 years ago, the current internals we have been running with almost no change in design for 2 years. Now we are confident enough in our design to launch it.

The old adage is, you can have things Good, Fast, or Affordable. We didn't do this Fast. This is not a rushed design that had money thrown at it.

We are working manufacturing with a group of guys that have a history of making paintball equipment; they are not new to the industry either. We have been around helping other people bring product to market, doing upgrade parts, refining others for over 10 years while being store and field owners and related on and off since our first field over 17 years ago. We are ingrained with the industry.

We have taken our time, refined the design, improved it, simplified it, rebuilt and in the end what we are bringing to PBE is our first showing of the pre-production gun. Nothing more. Have you seen our motto?:

“Tech. Not hype.”

We really appreciate the excitement, the encouragement and overall well-being from the (we hope) future customers and the industry, even other manufacturers. But we are not going to set ourselves up like this gun is something that is anything like what is described above.

That would be suicide. This is a solid gun, tested over the long haul. We are not going to jinx it by making claims it is something it is not.

We feel this gun will speak for itself, that the technology we designed into it will be apparent, and welcomed. We don’t need to put this up on a shelf as if it is the ‘best-everything-ever-gun’. We don’t need to hype this to some crazy level to sell it. No need for anybody to put those words in our mouth.

We believe this will sell itself. That shooting it, tearing it down, and working with it every day the player will know and recommend this gun. That is how we will build sales. Not claiming that is it better than every gun before just because of an O-ring placed in the breech or the pressure it runs at or the slightly different airpath. We are not setting it out to be the greatest thing ever, and we don’t want and people buying our gun thinking it is shooting straighter just because of made up claims.

This gun will sell because we will build a good product that is simple and smart and works. If we don’t, we deserve to fail. We are in this for the long term, and we are going to act like it. We are setting up slowly, working on a good network, working to make sure we are intergrated with the industry.

Thanks guys! See you at PBE.
Any questions after that? Feel free to ask -

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